CK:PAP expert in CiekaWizja edited by Wiktor Niedzicki

Driving a vehicle can be monotonous, which makes the prospect of implementing autonomous vehicles and the possibility of combining driving with other activities or rest seem encouraging. Vehicles equipped with the latest technologies to automate driving are supposed to improve road safety, but what are the prospects for their implementation?

We encourage you to watch and listen to the interview with CK:PAP expert Dr. Eng. MikoĊ‚aj Kruszewski, who was a guest of editor Wiktor Niedzicki on the CiekaWizja YouTube channel. The conversation concerned various aspects of the implementation of automated and autonomous driving, including the benefits, but also the doubts raised by the new technology in drivers and other road users. It was considered whether drivers would want to use the benefits of autonomous driving. Attention was paid to the human aspect and the need for effective communication between the autonomous vehicle and the driver. It is important that the signals sent by the vehicle are intuitive and correctly interpreted by the driver.

Autonomous mobility in the context of extreme or unusual situations is a concern. Will vehicles equipped with autonomous driving technologies turn out to be more responsive than humans? Currently available knowledge allows to confirm this thesis, but scientists, constructors and programmers still have a long way to achieve a fully reliable technology.

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