"Reset" on Radio Four with the participation of CK:PAP

On August 7, 2023, an expert of the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Competence Centre  (CK:PAP), MSc. Eng. Aleksandra Rodak was a guest in Program 4 of Polish Radio. During the “Reset” broadcast, apart from music news, important topics from the world are discussed and presented to the listeners.

As part of Monday’s broadcast, hosted by Jeremi Angowski, the subject of autonomous mobility was discussed. The representative of CK:PAP pointed out that the first area to meet with the introduction of autonomy is the transport of goods, and then the technology will be adopted in means of passenger transport. This order is for safety reasons. The expert drew attention to the fact that initiatives in this area had already been undertaken in Poland, e.g. in Gdańsk and Kraków. In Gdańsk, the subject of the pilot was an autonomous minibus [1], while in Kraków an autonomous tram was run [2]. When asked by the editor about the appearance of autonomous vehicles on public roads, Aleksandra Rodak replied that this is a process that requires many changes, including adaptation of legal provisions and infrastructure. The projected date for the implementation of the first autonomous vehicles on Polish roads is 2030. Therefore, the next 7 years should be devoted to the elimination of all barriers that could stop or delay this process.

The issue of public attitudes towards autonomous mobility was also discussed in the “Reset” broadcast. According to the CK:PAP expert, “we are afraid of what we do not know” – that is why it is so important to spread knowledge about autonomous and automated vehicles, which are a temporary solution. The radio discussion also focused on the existing technological barriers, which include e.g. detecting objects in fog and during heavy rainfall. The representative of CK:PAP referred to autonomous taxis running on the streets of San Francisco (California, USA). Initially, they were allowed to move at night, in a specific area, and were forbidden to drive in fog and rain [3].

The whole interview is available on the website of Program 4 of Polish Radio [4]

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[4] Polskie Radio Czwórka www.polskieradio.pl