3rd legislative workshop

On December 1, 2022 the third legislative workshop organized by CK:PAP took place. This time the meeting was hosted by Aptiv at their technical center in Krakow.

During the meeting, the participants, including observers from the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure, had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Aptiv Technical Center and technologies developed by Polish engineers. The Center located in Krakow is the largest laboratory of this company in the world. The hosts presented different stages of the development process for technologies dedicated to the automotive industry, from the concept, through the design of individual components, testing subsequent prototypes, to the validation of the final solution. A visit to the Center and the presentation of the latest technologies was a valuable point of the meeting, and its main goal was to facilitate dialogue by illustrating the business needs and challenges.

After getting acquainted with the activities of the Centre, the working part of the meeting took place. During the workshop, activities concentrated on discussion how to enable effective testing of automated vehicles on public roads in Poland.

Photo source: Aptiv