Test 2Drive

It is a computer assisted system of psychological tests that enables the diagnosis of psychomotor performance, intellectual performance, cognitive processes and personality.

TEST2DRIVE examines all substantial psychological traits fulfilling the relevant criteria for testing goodness – tests are objective, standardized, reliable, accurate, valid, normalized. Touchscreen solution reduces all interface tools to one, universal device with maintaining the necessary level of objectivity and standardization of measurement – a touchscreen monitor itself. The entire test with a complete battery of tests is carried out on one stand. A computer or laptop with Windows 7 or newer, a 23 ”capacitive touch screen, a license and Internet access are required.

Test results, both raw and normalized in the form of clear reports and protocols are available immediately after the test has been conducted.


The battery includes 10 tests that allow for diagnosis in legally required areas:

  • psychomotor performance,
  • intellectual performance and cognitive processes,
  • personality.