Equipment for psychophysiological tests (GSR, EKG, EMG, breath testing)

The set for psychophysiological examinations performs the functions of an electrocardiograph (EKG), a GSR equipment (galvanic skin reaction tests), a respiratory equipment and an electromyograph (EMG). The equipment is used primarily for testing drivers in the field of emotional stress, stress level, the degree of stimulation of the organism, alertness, emotional tension and fatigue.

The full kit consists of the following technical elements:

  • PowerLab eight-channel data recording and analysis system with LabChart software (PL3508),
  • two-channel biopotential amplifier (Dual BioAmp) (FE135),
  • skin galvanic conductivity test (GSR) amplifier (FE116),
  • breathing belt (MLT1132),
  • heart rate monitor (MLT1010),
  • lead cables for the electrodes of the biopotential amplifier (Dual BioAmp) (MLA2540 and MLA2505),
  • disposable electrodes (MLA1010B),
  • electrodes for the skin galvanic conductivity test (GSR) amplifier (MLT116F).