CK:PAP at the Droniada Tech Conference by the Silesian University of Technology

The Droniada Tech by Silesian University of Technology Conference was held from June 3 to 4, 2024 at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów. During the conference, the social, economic and technical challenges of autonomous transport were discussed. Experts and specialists in road, rail, sea and drone transport discussed issues related to robotic mobility and assessed the situation and prospects for the development of autonomous transport.

The event was attended by Dr. Ewa Odachowska-Rogalska, who, as a representative of the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Competence Center (CK:PAP), gave a presentation entitled “Psychological determinants of automation in vehicles.” During a speech on the psychosocial aspects of automation in vehicles, the CK:PAP expert pointed out that the introduction of highly automated vehicles on the roads promises a significant improvement in safety, mainly by eliminating errors made by vehicle drivers, who are currently responsible for over 90% of road accidents. Realizing the full potential of automated mobility technology depends on how drivers deal with the new systems. Aspects related to fear of new technologies are also important.

During the conference, Director of the Motor Transport Institute, Head of CK:PAP – prof. Ph.D. engineer Marcin Ślęzak took part in the discussion panel entitled “Social challenges”. Professor Ślęzak emphasized the great hopes related to the introduction of highly automated mobility to Polish roads – not only due to the importance for safety, but also due to economic aspects, including the lack of a sufficient number of professional drivers.