Recognition for contributions to road safety for Dr. Ewa Odachowska-Rogalska, CK:PAP expert

On June 14-15, 2023, the 5th National Convention entitled “Cross-sector cooperation and innovations for road safety” was held. The convention was organized as part of the National Program “Be safe on the road” – edition 2018-2025 and had a charitable character. The event was held under the Honorary Patronage of the Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki. The initiator and main organizer of the Convention was the “Hope” Foundation for People Injured in Road Accidents. 

During the event, Dr. Ewa Odachowska-Rogalska, an expert of the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Competence Centre (CK:PAP), took part in a debate on the psychological aspects of the causes of accidents, pointing out, among other things, the role of autonomous vehicles in reducing risky behavior on the road. 

During the convention, badges for contributions to Road Safety were presented. The badge from the President of the Hope Foundation, Dr. Aleksandra Kieres, was received by, among others, Dr. Ewa Odachowska-Rogalska, who is CK:PAP expert in the field of psychology of transport. Dr. Odachowska-Rogalska has been supporting and promoting activities to improve safety for years, and she also provides psychological support to victims of road accidents. At CK:PAP, she studies, among other things, the psychological aspects of attitude changes in the context of adaptation to vehicle autonomy.


The conference part of the Convention was conducted in six thematic discussion panels, i.e. Law, Education, Infrastructure, Economy, Innovation and Health, and its aim was to disseminate ideas supporting road safety and enabling the development of innovative solutions to improve road safety.