CK:PAP during the International TSL Fair

The International Transport, Shipping and Logistics Fair is an event addressed to companies, institutions and people interested in implementing new technologies, innovative products or services related to transport, logistics and storage. The substantive partner of this year’s, fourth edition of the fair, which took place on April 4-6, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo, was the Motor Transport Institute (ITS). The motto of the event was Digitization and Innovation in Road Transport.

One of the discussion panels that took place during the fair was dedicated to transport safety, and was moderated by prof. Marcin Ślęzak, Director of ITS and Head of the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Competence Centre (CK: PAP).

The discussion panel was preceded by a presentation entitled “Autonomization in road transport – opportunities and threats” and the Head of CK:PAP drew attention to the main challenges related to the implementation of autonomous vehicles. The subject of the speech was issues related to legislation, both at the national and international level. The presentation also indicated the need to regulate the rules for testing and admitting autonomous vehicles to road traffic and to standardize the rules for collecting, processing and sharing data generated by autonomous mobility. An important aspect of the presentation was also the need to educate users in the correct use of automated systems or functions.

Prof. Marcin Ślęzak emphasized the role of CK:PAP when it is taking action to support the Minister of Infrastructure in the implementation of autonomous and connected vehicles in Poland. Through the organization of legislative workshops, CK:PAP experts are involved in working out changes to the applicable road traffic regulations, aimed at reducing barriers to testing innovative technologies on public roads, taking into account the demands of industry representatives and meeting the requirements set by the central administration.

CK:PAP disseminates knowledge about autonomous mobility by organizing seminars and conferences. The activities undertaken by CK:PAP are a response to the current needs in the area of implementing autonomous mobility in Poland.


The International Transport, Shipping and Logistics Fair was an opportunity to highlight the most important aspects of the autonomy of road transport and to initiate a dialogue. A wide range of exhibitors, entrepreneurs, scientists and people involved in road transport had the opportunity to discuss the future, taking into account both the benefits and challenges faced by the transport, logistics and shipping branches in the face of implementing innovative solutions in the field of mobility.


Ślęzak M., Presentation „Autonomization in road transport – opportunities and threats”, ITS own resources.