Autonomous Mobility Day in Gliwice

On September 21st, 2022, representatives of the management of the Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Center took part in the “Autonomous Mobility Day” organized by BLEES at Arena Gliwice.

The aim of the conference was to present an innovative and pro-ecological form of transport, which is a fully electric autonomous minibus.

The minibus designed by Blees will move on the fourth level of autonomy according to the international SAE classification and will accommodate up to 15 passengers. According to the assumption, the vehicles will be put into public use in 2023, and then the first test drives in Polish cities are also planned. The buyers of the minibuses are primarily local governments and companies organizing public transport in cities.

During the conference, a driving platform and a functional prototype of the vehicle were presented, as well as the status of Blees’ work on an autonomous minibus and systems supporting the operation of the vehicle in urban traffic. The presented papers covered, inter alia, the following issues:

  • autonomous transport,
  • electric minibus adapted to urban transport,
  • technology in the autonomy system,
  • multi-vehicle remote operator,
  • profitability of introducing autonomous minibuses,
  • legal conditions for autonomous vehicles.

          In addition, there was a discussion panel entitled: “How have the implementations of autonomous minibuses been implemented so far?”

          The conference ended with a demonstration of Blees technology on a specially prepared test track. The subject of the experiment was the execution of a predetermined scenario and then the transfer of control by a remote operator. Nearly 200 participants attended the event.