Skuteczność systemu AEB w kontekście bezpieczeństwa niechronionych użytkowników dróg

According to the analysis by the National Police Headquarters, roughly 40% of all road accident victims in Poland are vulnerable road users (VRU), i.e. pedestrians and cyclists. Their protection has become one of the priorities for action regarding road safety. For this purpose, various activities are carried out aimed not only at human behaviour or the development of modern and safe road infrastructures but also at the development of modern vehicles, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

In order to identify the limitations of the currently available driver assistance systems, designed to respond to VRU, research was carried out under the project name, “PEDICRASH: Safety aspects of VRU in CAD automated vehicles.” The project was aimed at increasing users’ awareness (both pedestrians and drivers) of the limitations of ADAS by analysing barriers and indicating recommendations allowing for more effective protection of pedestrians and cyclists due to the identified operating limitations of these systems. The research focused on the autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system and its potential impact on the level of road safety, with particular emphasis on VRU.

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