The Truck and Bus Simulator AS-1300

The Truck and Bus Simulator is a high-fidelity device designed for examining impact of various types of dysfunctions (e.g. fatigue) on the ability to perform driving activity by professional drivers. The simulator may be utilized to practice driving skills in difficult conditions, and due to advanced measurement capabilities, it is suitable for conducting road infrastructure research, creating driving models and reconstruction of road accidents, which has a significant impact on safety.

Throughout the simulation, an impression of the driver’s participation in real road traffic is created (real Scania vehicle cabin with full equipment, high resolution image presentation system). Mechanical stimuli (vibration of the driver’s cabin and seat) and sound effects (four-channel sound system inside the cabin) are generated to improve 

An important element of the simulator is the visualization system. It consists of a set of projectors and cylindrical screen which covers ca. 200º of driver’s horizontal view and ca. 30º of the vertical view. The field of view corresponds to normal driving conditions, which means that when performing a driving task, the driver cannot see the edge of the screen, but the scenery moves according to the speed, generated by the simulation system (trees, buildings, road infrastructure elements, people, etc.). In addition, the side mirrors replaced by tablets imitate real use, showing the scenery at the back of the simulated vehicle.

Extensive simulator software allows projection of several dozen road objects simultaneously and imitation of driving on hundreds of kilometers of virtual roads, in various atmospheric and road conditions, such as rain, wind, snow, reduced grip surface, fog, night or day, in any combinations. It is also possible to simulate some types of vehicle breakdown, e.g. a flat tire or a damaged braking system.

Controlling the simulation and recording the driving process is possible from the operator’s station. The data recording system allows to save the motion parameters of all vehicles and events that occur throughout the driving scenario. 

It is possible to acquire dozens of different variables at the same time. At the test stand, it is also possible to monitor driver reactions related to driving such as pressing the pedals or steering wheel movements.

The AS-1300 simulator is a device that combines many functionalities, allowing effective use in various areas of research, including:

  • driving assistance systems,
  • communication within the “environment – driver – car” system,
  • interior elements arrangement inside the vehicle cabin,
  • driver behavior and new solutions in the field of road infrastructure,
  • drive by wire components e.g. active braking systems,
  • V2I and V2V communication systems,
  • integrated new vehicle control concepts,
  • the influence of intoxication on the driver’s perception,
  • training effectiveness.

Multi-level modeling of vehicle movement including body dynamics, chassis, suspension and tires, steering system, brakes, driving assistance systems (brake assist, ABS, ASR), i.e. all factors that affect the vehicle’s behavior in real conditions result in leading simulator capabilities. Owing to the use of advanced technology, participants of the driving course are effectively and appropriately prepared to drive various types of vehicles, in differentiated road and weather conditions. In addition, the possibility of “infinite” resimulation of hundreds of road scenarios, including potentially dangerous events, develops drivers’ natural reflex reactions, unaffected by stress and panic. The biggest advantage of using the simulator is the possibility of training in safe conditions, without endangering the trainee and instructor.